*To save you from spoilers we have not included any scenes from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.* 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could influence those around us like a Jedi Master?

We all know the scene in A New Hope when Obi-Wan and Luke are stopped by Storm Troopers on a sandy street in Mos Eisley. The troopers question Luke about his droids, C-3PO and R2-D2, then ask for his identification. Luke fumbles nervously and that’s when Obi-Wan steps in with the phrase, “You don’t need to see his identification,” followed up by the even more popular, “These are not the droids you’re looking for”. The storm troopers, under the influence of the Force, are “forced” to allow Obi-Wan and Luke to “go about their business” unscathed. 

Lucasfilm / Via  t umblr.com

Lucasfilm / Via tumblr.com

After witnessing Jedi mind tricks in action, we have all wished we could just wave our hand, utter a command, and make someone do a task or change their mind. While powers like the Force do not exist (yet), verbal tips and tricks do exist that will help you influence those around you. Practice these techniques and you’ll be influencing change faster than the Millennium Falcon makes the Kessel run.

Use Your Memory to Your Advantage

We all have information that we have chosen to commit to memory. It could be every growl and howl in the Wookie language or the tabs to playing the Imperial March on ukulele. Take this ability and use it to commit the names and details of people to memory. Remembering one's name and details about them is imperative to your ability to effectively influence others. Recalling information that was shared in a previous conversation (such as one’s likes or dislikes) will show your would-be influencee that you care and you listen. For those that have a poor memory, take notes in your phone or a notepad after the conversation. This recollective ability will help you build stronger, healthier relationships while influencing others to like you. The more someone likes you, the more they are willing to use their resources towards your goals. While this isn’t as fast as a super-powered hand wave, it is as effective over time.

Lucasfilm / Via  g  iphy.com

Lucasfilm / Via giphy.com

Find a Shared Connection

Jedi like to hang out with Jedi. Droids like doing the robot with other droids. Humans like those who are like themselves. In order for you to harness this knowledge, you need only to find out what excites the person you would like to influence. To do this, try asking questions that are geared towards hobbies and forms of entertainment. If you both like pod racing, then use that to your advantage. Explore the depths of your chosen topic and find things you can both get excited about. When you can find what someone is passionate about and share in that passion, they are more likely to think you are just like them. The more closely they align themselves with you, the more they will like you.

Lucasfilm / Via  giphy.com

Lucasfilm / Via giphy.com

Mimic Body Language

We can’t all do flips like Yoda, but we can be mindful of other’s body language. When sitting or standing across from someone you’d like to influence, notice how they place their arms. Do they cross their arms? Leave them at their sides? Do they cross their legs or sit with them in a wide stance? Do they tilt their head a certain way or make certain gestures that are unique? Once you have these bits and pieces of body language down, your next task is to mirror them. This should be a slow, subtle move. If you mimic your conversation partner’s body language immediately this may come off as strange or, worst case scenario, like you’re making fun of them. The change to mimic another’s body language should be unnoticeable, so try not to draw to much attention to your own movements. By mimicking the body language of the person you’d like to influence, you are showing them that you two are alike.


While waving your hand in someone’s face and issuing commands is as effective as Jedi mind tricks on a Toydarian, using these three tips can help you achieve your goals faster. Are there any influence techniques that you prefer? What Jedi mind trick scenes are your favorites? Would you like to see more pop culture-inspired articles? Let us know in the comments below.


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Lucasfilm / Via  tumblr.com

Lucasfilm / Via tumblr.com

Special thanks to RikkuX for allowing us to use her likeness. She is a Chicago-based cosplayer, writer, and Star Wars fan. You can find more of her amazing cosplay here. Photo credits go to Robbins Studios.