A great man once said, “Doing is one thingdoing it right is a whole different story.”

This iconoclast is none other than one of the greatest philosophers and of our time, Aubrey Drake Graham. What you probably didn’t know is that Drizzy is also a master of communication. In case you missed these little tidbits, we have compiled some of the best things Drake has taught us about communication to help you connect and make sure you’re not doing it wrong.

Know Yourself

Not only is this Drake’s most streamed record on Spotify but he drops some serious sage advice on communication with just a simple title – Know Yourself. What Drake is trying to suggest with just the title of this little ditty is to  be comfortable in your own skin. Get to know your vulnerabilities and embrace them. Stand in your truth. If you truly want to have a meaningful connection with someone you need to do so from a place of self-security and honesty.

Drake goes on to drop another communi-carpet-bomb on us with the line, “I don’t like how serious they take themselves.” He is giving us a little warning here, saying "know yourself, but don’t get too caught up in what you are." You still need to have fun while speaking the language.

In Know Yourself, we also learned that in case you ever get into some financial troubles in Toronto, because of your turn up prowess, Drake will be there to help.

“Started from the bottom, now we’re here.”

In Started from the Bottom, arguably one of his most popular tracks, Drake is sharing a very important knowledge nugget about communication. Drake wants us to know that a relationship has to start somewhere. You can’t just walk into a conversation with someone with guns blazing- you need to build rapport, have a baseline, a foundation.

What Drake wants you to do is start with open ended questions when you meet someone for the first time. You can’t just walk up to a new friend and start talking about your Bugatti and how successful you are. Regardless of what Drake says about new friends, he does subscribe to getting his potential conversation partner to open up first.

Try asking questions that will garner a response from your converser in the form of a story or some form of narrative. The worst thing you could do is ask a yes or no question. To build a successful conversation foundation you need to start from the bottom with simple open-ended questions and before you know it you’ll be here, errr… there.

“.. But she bad, so maybe she won’t. Uh, but s%$# then again maybe she will. Yeah.”

There is so much just in this one line from the chorus of She Will that we will need to break it down. First off, Drake is teaching us about assumptions in communication. He knows she is “bad” so she possibly won’t but, then again, when you strip the pessimistic attitude away, maybe she “will”. He wants us to know that we should always ask deeper questions rather than make assumptions about someone. Just because someone is dressed poorly doesn’t mean they have fewer gold chains than the next rapper and vice versa. Practice not reacting to your initial biases towards someone by asking yourself, “Why do I feel that way about this person?”

Secondly, Drake is showing us a very versatile word here, the word maybe. Maybe gives you many different choices, alternatives, and opens the door for possibilities. He is letting us know that, in conversation, we don’t have to give a yes or no answer to closed-ended questions. Drake wants us to embrace our indecisiveness, our human nature, and allow ourselves room to breathe.  Lastly, Drake also wants you to know that he sometimes has issues reading body language.

“I want my old ting, to meet my new ting.”

This time Drake is a guest philosopher on OB Obrien’s Schemin Up. This delicious ear-hoagie is all about mixing your friend groups. A lot of us tend to keep our friend groups separate – party friends in one bucket, study pals in another. Drake wants you to know that it is okay to grab those friend buckets by the handles and mix up that social sauce. By introducing your friends to one another you open yourself up to new perspectives, opinions, and potential conversations.

To achieve this you can either take all your friends out to a pro-social event like karaoke for an unforgettable night or you can simply have a get-together at your place. You can even use your social media magic tricks to invite your multiple friend groups together. Just be sure to stay out of Marvin's Room. He is more of a Kendrick Lamar fan.

Did you find a cornucopia of communication crumpets hidden in Drake's musical pantry? Was there an artist that said it better? Will Jimmy ever walk again? Let us know in the comments below.