All too often we let time get away from us.

We spend a considerable amount of time checking our emails, our Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, and the myriad of other apps that help us be more “social”.  But, for what? To live vicariously through other people? To see what other people are out documenting? What they might be thinking? To validate our own lives and opinions? Why are we so entranced with keeping up with everyone else and what they are doing? Are we not enough for ourselves anymore?

The speed at which we can transmit our opinions and updates are faster than ever now. We are living in a generation where we can reach almost anyone. Our actual forms of communication haven’t changed much; we still have spoken versus written options.  The real difference is that we have the option to formulate our answers more before replying to someone, yet some of us share faster than ever before thinking, doing the exact opposite and causing an uproar all over the internet. It’s a constant update and it’s in your face. Your “news” feed winds up being a mix between meticulously thought out marketing ploys and emotionally opinionated wrecks, seasoned with 7-seconds of funny cat videos.

I am getting to the age where I feel like I can never fully relax. I can never unplug. Our generation is always working. We are always connected. There is no way to escape. If we don’t check our social outlets or we lose our phone for a few days, someone will get worried, upset or angry. We can never just live in the moment anymore. We have to be mid-moment with other people and their moments. It’s hard to remember to just love who you are with and where you are and to really just breathe in your current moment. 

If you are interrupting your current moment with all of these other virtual moments in the company of others, just go home. If you are not investing your time where you are and who you are with, why are you even there? Go be wherever and with whomever you are disrupting your current moment for. Stop living through other people’s adventures and experience life, real life outside of your computer or mobile screen. Life is too damn amazing to ignore the real-time things that are going on around you while you stare at your phone.

If someone is going to be mad at you for living technology-free for a day and not forgive you for not responding to your messages right away, are they really worth keeping around? Some of the habits that we have, including certain people we keep around, aren’t healthy (but that’s for another blog). Life shouldn’t be about the coulda-been’s and shoulda-been’s, it should be about what you make happen.

Making others happy with your undivided attention, literally wanting to be there, and fully enjoying real life’s little moments is a choice, one that will not only make you, but those around you, happier.

Don't get too caught up and distracted in all the things you could be doing, live in the moment. Love the life you are living now. Others will also love and appreciate you for it.



Tell us about how you have overcome similar challenges, do you miss the days before wi-fi distractions?  Or are you having similar problems with people in your life?