When you have to choose... Do you choose money or freedom?


It feels like an age-old argument. Do I want more flexibility or a bigger salary?

With access to a wireless network we have the ability to do thousands of jobs from virtually anywhere at anytime. With today’s technology shouldn’t we automatically have more freedom and flexibility for other things too?

The problem for freedom and flexibility lies within jobs that need face-to-face communication, or within people who are not good at communicating online, or sometimes just that old school manager you happen to have who is reluctant to adapt. In 2016 many of us expect to be able to get certain things done outside of the office, as well as demand equal pay for it.

But when it comes down to choosing more money or more freedom many millennials are highly likely to choose flexibility. According to Cisco’s workplace study conducted way back in 2011, remote work influences job choice more than salary does. One in three employees under the age of 30 said social media freedom, device flexibility, and the ability to work remotely were more of a priority than the overall amount of money they would be taking home.


And within three years those rates rose to 43% of people choosing flexibility over pay according to Unify’s study. Bill Hurley, Unify’s Chief Marketing Officer says that employers who don’t listen to this ever climbing trend “could find themselves suffering the loss of their best employees.”

The love of flexibility at a job is nothing new, but the level of desire we’ve seen from people saying they prefer it over a pay increase is something management everywhere should be paying attention to. If a business can fluidly execute and allow for flexibility they may very well be able to continue to retain top talent, as well as attract it. In the long run a little flexibility may save you not only effort, but cost in finding great people, and doubles in value in keeping your clients happy.

The value and appeal flexibility has for a business is gigantic. Many of these incentives get employees to go the extra mile for their business. Happy employees go the extra mile if they agree their management does the same for them, even if it’s in moderation.

Thinking about going the extra mile alone? If you’re tired of searching for the perfect career tailored by a management team, why not become the management team? If you’re ready to invest in yourself and your skills, now is the perfect time to get started. Many marketers (as well as other markets) are now hiring more people on a per project basis rather than a full-time basis, which gives many the ultimate opportunity to start their own small business or freelance.

The remote trend is only just beginning, with more than 50 percent of people since 2000 working from home (or wherever they want), according to the most recent U.S. Census Bureau.

With the advent of technology, workplaces and career goals are continuously changing. Does your workplace offer flexibility perks? What does your company do to keep its employees happy?



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