One day we were sitting at happy hour, getting carried away with conversations of "What if the whole world was fueled by solar power" and "Imagine what we could accomplish if we didn't always let the fear of failing hold us back" and we thought, what if we could get other people to join in our conversations? To get others to think about things they don't normally think about? We're sure everyone would have an opinion or something valuable to contribute. One thing is for certain when we have these "happy hour" conversations, we are never bored. So we created a website where all types of people can get involved by being interviewed via video, podcast or by commenting on our blogs. 

Both of us are very different types of people, of different mindsets and of different personalities. One of us is more social and one of us is more introverted. So why not have a place for both the social and the reserved to have a voice, to communicate together, to talk about our ideas, the crazy books we've read and things we've learned the hard way on.

Although we differ, there are a few things we have in common. We both believe in hard work, truth, patience and keeping an open mind. Our hopes for this site is to expand your mind a bit and also relate to some of our stories and the stories of others.


Apryl graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications & Editorial Journalism. She has always been interested in helping others communicate and be heard.


Shawn has 10+ years of leadership experience across multiple different roles from district management to directing entire regions. He is completely enamored with acquiring and sharing knowledge around human behaviors and communication.