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I'm glad you're here!  It's time for you to spend less time on social media by having a strategy + feeling confident so you can leverage social media to build community and build your business!

Work with me and you'll get...

  • Someone who cares about your business as much as you do.  Your business is truly my business.  I want you to make connections on social that will help your business thrive.

  • Someone with a passion for relationships + the client experience. My background is in executive assistance and hospitality management.  I love managing details and making sure each client has a memorable experience. The client experience starts with social media, so it's important that you get it right!

  • Back to your zone of genius.  You know that sweet spot where you get to do what you love and feel like you are truly making a difference?  That's your zone of genius.  You've been missing it lately because your face is buried in your phone trying to keep up with social.  Let me take the social off your plate so you can start loving your business again.

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More About Me

I love helping hospitality brands and service based businesses connect with their audience on social media + simplifying the process!  It's a great place to not only engage with your audience, but to provide value, establish your brand, and set yourself apart.  The genuine, organic connections you make on social media will help you get seen, establish trust, and build your business when done correctly.

I have a background in hospitality, office management,  and executive assistance.  I also have a bachelor's degree in business administration.

I'm a mom to two of the coolest boys you'll ever meet and a super sassy two-year-old girl, I'm married to my best friend and live just outside of Nashville, TN.

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